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The Aladiex ecosystem is a complete digital financial ecosystem assisting businesses and investors with the following powerful platforms:
  • Aladiex LaunchPad: Super fundraising and financing platform for businesses. (connects investors directly with businesses and vice versa. We play a role just like uber in the finance industry)
  • Aladiex Exchange: A secure, transparent and insured digital asset exchange for traders.
  • AladiBook: The world's first digital asset trading and investment news social network.
  • AladiBank: Convenient and fast digital bank.
  • Egate: Payment gateway integrating both legal currency and digital assets is diversified and convenient.


What will you get if you invest now?

Profit rate for bonus share is 78 times in series A fundraising round (company value growth)

After 1 year expect the stock price from $ 0.35 to $ 0.8.

To be divided 70% of the company's profit from the number of shares held, received monthly.


If you invest $10,000 and after...

1 Year

Can increase the value up to $100,000

2 Year

May increase to a value of $600,000

3 Year

Can increase to $1,700,000


Aladin Powers The Aladin Ecosystem With A Lot Of Features

Aladin Stock
  • Receive 70% of the profit of the entire ecosystem every month according to the holding percentage.
  • ALADIN is used as a transaction intermediary for all activities in the value chain of the Aladiex ecosystem
  • Pay by credit card, Buy Smartphone, Buy Real Estate, Buy products of businesses calling capital on the platform …
  • Use ALADIN to pay trader transaction fee up to 30%
  • Businesses using ALADIN PAY transaction fees such as (market maker fee, 5% fee …)
  • “We make it possible for any business to raise capital for their projects globally at a small cost, with low barriers and support investors around the world who can invest in potential projects more easily, manage their assets and provide them with great trading tools”
  • We plan to assist 1,000,000 MSME businesses with their funding needs over the next 5 years


Hùng Cường


Hùng   Cường